We are succeeding in developing new products with high added value through partnerships with great companies

Hamai has a stable base for its operations — the LP gas valve business, which holds the top share in Japan. Building on this, we are expanding into many cutting-edge fields. We were early in starting development of ball valves, used in various industrial applications, and high-pressure valves for semiconductor manufacturing: we have developed new products that spearheaded the times.
Currently, we are working on a cutting-edge project: the development of hydrogen valves, such as for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), which will play a role in the next generation of energy.

Jointly developed hydrogen valves with a major Japanese manufacturer. Succeeded in mass production of the world’s first 35 MPa solenoid valve for FCVs. Developing and mass-producing products also for 70 MPa FCVs

At Hamai, we started joint development with a major Japanese automobile manufacturer for FCVs. In 2000, we became the first in the world to succeed in developing solenoid valves for 35 MPa hydrogen FCVs. To date, with the advancement in technology, we have developed hydrogen valves and the like, both solenoid valves and pressure relief devices, that are compatible with high pressures up to 87.5 MPa. Through the partnership, many functional products are being used in hydrogen FCVs.

Pursuing partnerships

We are actively pursuing company partnerships

We are actively pursuing company partnerships with manufacturers of a variety of industries. We, Hamai, will provide the different resources necessary for your development of hydrogen-related products. By complementing one another and generating synergy, we can together speed up development.

New product development

Join us in developing new products that will contribute to carbon neutrality

Use Hamai’s original technologies and products in achieving a sustainable future society. We can make ideas a reality in partnership with customers and suppliers, and we will jointly pursue the development of new products.

Joint development

Make a success of joint development by combining different products and technologies

Develop new products and build new businesses by combining different products and technologies. Through a global partnership, we will be able to create new value.

Design changes and localization

We support your localization for Japan

Hamai supports certification to Japanese legal and industrial standards that are required to sell a global product on the Japanese market. We can provide pertinent advice for design changes and specifications for the Japanese market.

Commissioned work

Commission us to develop components or to apply for certification in Japan, including evaluation tests

We can develop components for your products or take on commissioned work, such as performing evaluation tests. We will take on the work of supporting your certification and evaluation testing in Japan with our high-performance facilities, including our 150 MPa test instrument, which is among the largest in Japan.

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