Hamai is a manufacturer of high-performance valves, a company Japan can be proud of. We offer our products worldwide

Hamai’s high-performance valves are manufactured under strict Japanese standards of quality management. They have been selected for use in the latest machine tools, industrial machinery, and more, and can be found globally in various industries. We supply customers who require high-quality valves, wherever they may be, with products that boast superior performance.


2F, SG SQUARE 7-7-7, Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-8512
Phone: +81-3-3492-6655 Mail: h2@hamai-net.com

Global expansion

To the USA , Europe, and Asia, we offer high-performance valves that comply with the industrial standards of each country

In the USA , Europe, our valves comply with the local legal and industrial standards. We manufacture semiconductor valves and high-pressure valves in South Korea at the plant belonging our corporation there. We offer products that comply with the certifications of each country to customers in China and various countries in Asia.

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