As a leading comprehensive manufacturer of valves in Japan, Hamai is creating novel innovations for the world. We will play a part in achieving a sustainable future society.

Since being established in 1927, Hamai Industries Limited has contributed to people’s lives and to industrial development. This is especially true of our main offering, LP gas valves, which holds the top share in the Japanese market. We have expanded our business to high-pressure valves, ball valves, and more. Today, no longer limited to Japan, we are offering high-quality valves to customers around the world.

In the energy field in recent years, the shift to clean energy has started worldwide to protect Earth’s environment. With this and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and digital transformation , society is undergoing major changes.
Hamai, with its pressure relief device for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), was the first worldwide to succeed in developing a valve product to meet a global standard. We have established Hamai Korea as a global production base to cover Asia and are pressing forward toward the rest of the world.

By creating novel innovations for the changing society, we will play a part in achieving a sustainable future society.

Satoshi Kasai

President and CEO