Case Studies

Partnership Case Studies

We are succeeding in developing new products through partnerships with great companies.

At Hamai, we have combined different products and performed innovative research and development through partnerships with customers and suppliers. New hydrogen and high-pressure valve products with high added value that were born from such partnerships are being used worldwide. We anticipate sharing the joy of creating something novel through a partnership with your company.

■ Case 01
Developing hydrogen valves for FCVs with a major automobile manufacturer

Hamai has a track record over many years in the manufacture of valves for LP gas and automotive use, and we hold a large share of valves for taxis today. We had experience developing new valves for natural gas automobiles with the cooperation of suppliers.

Based on this technological strength and track record, we began our research and development of hydrogen valves for an FCV of a major automobile manufacturer. The first model, released in 2001, had an in-tank module comprising numerous different kinds of our valves put together in a unit, and was a success in applied use.

■ Case 02
Jointly developing high-pressure valves for multiple functions with manufacturers

Valves for oxygen inhalers and oxygen supply were jointly developed in a limited liability partnership of a major gauge manufacturer, a pressure regulator manufacturer, and Hamai. Hamai used its high-pressure valve technology with its original airtight structure and its production facilities with clean rooms and competence in precision cleaning to lead the joint development project of compound-function valves to success.

■ Case 03
Localizing global products for the Japanese market

At Hamai, we supported a company to make global products usable in the Japanese market. We acted as an agent in carrying out evaluation tests and filing applications necessary to comply with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, a law for Japan. We also checked design considerations for use in Japan and completed localization for the Japanese market.