Hamai can design and manufacture new made-to-order valves to match the needs of manufacturers. We also provide customized products by modifying the design of existing products

Valves for various high-pressure gas cylinders are used in a wide range of industries. Each one of these valves incorporates special technologies, so they are often custom developed and manufactured. It is not uncommon for Hamai to customize our standard products based on our customers' request.

Designing valves which possess the new performance and functionality required by users. Hamai can also change product specifications.

We assess the sophisticated and complex needs of our users. Our team of professional engineers will develop and supply valve products. It is no exaggeration to say that these products are one-of-a-kind throughout the world. Hamai provides consultation from the stage of product conceptualization, and support for product design, prototyping, and mass production.

Hamai will freely design made-to-order valves to meet our customers' needs. Through customization, we modify specifications of our existing products and add optional features to our products.


Hydrogen valve
Made-to-order design according to required specifications and systems

Hamai meets our users’ needs by providing made-to-order design of valves for hydrogen fuel cells and related units.

Hamai can also add new functions

We are able to add new functions to all kinds of valves with customized designs that fit the application and usage environment.

Achieving performance that matches the required specifications

Hamai achieves the performance required by users; for example, support for specific pressure and temperature zones, improved durability, and support for special environments.

We support acquisition of certification for various industrial standards

Compliance with laws and regulations in each country that are essential for product use. Hamai supports the acquisition of certification for industrial standards, etc.

*For hydrogen valves, we provide customization such as modification of screws and modification, addition, and deletion of functions.

High-pressure valve
Modification of specifications based on existing products

Hamai can modify designs based on existing mass-produced products. We provide various valves which meet any need.

Adding functions in accordance with usage needs

Hamai can customize products in accordance with usage needs; for example, modifying pressure and flow amount, or adding functions.

Compliance with laws and regulations of each country

As with made-to-order products, customized products comply with laws and regulations in each country that are essential for product use. Hamai supports the acquisition of certification for industrial standards, etc.

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