History of Hamai

Feb. 1927

Hamai Industries Limited started by Sakae Hamai as a manufacturer of welding apparatus.

Dec. 1939

Moved factory to the Shinagawa area of Tokyo and reorganized company into a limited partnership.

Aug. 1953

Started production of LP gas cylinder valves.

Oct. 1958

Hamai Industries Limited is reorganized into a corporation. 

Nov. 1960

The Fuchu factory was established in the Fuchu-city area of Tokyo. 

Jun. 1962

A sales division is spun off from Hamai Industries Limited and incorporated as Misuji Shoji company.

Feb. 1972

 Hamai Industries Limited is registered with the Securities Dealers Association of Japan and stock is traded in the over-the-counter market.

May 1974

The Otaki factory was established in Otakimachi, Isumi-gun, Chiba-ken and the manufacture of ball valves is commenced. 

Apr. 1976

The Shinagawa factory is closed and merged with the Fuchu factory.

Jul. 1984

The Misuji Shoji sales company is merged back into Hamai Industries Limited as the Hamai marketing department.

Mar. 1985

Capital is increased to 326,700,000 Yen.

Feb. 1987

Capital is increased to 356,370,000 Yen.

Jun. 1989

A new corporate headquarters three story facility is established at the location of the original Shinagawa factory.

Jun. 1989

LP valve facility at the Otaki factory is modernized to state of the art automated facility.

Feb. 1992

Capital is increased to 395,300,000 Yen.

Oct. 1994

The Fuchu factory is replaced with a modernized three story semiconductor valve and industrial gas valve facility at the same location.

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