Hamai Industries Limited

Since1927, Hamai Industries Limited has been a leading pioneer in the development
and manufacture of cylinder valves for high pressure gases and LPG in Japan.

Our experienced staff applies proven technology and vast production experience to ensure that our products are state of the art, safe and efficientD

The Hamai manufacturing facilities located on the outskirts of Tokyo manufacture a
variety of high quality cylinder valves for industrial gases and specialty gases used in the semi-conductor industryD

As we continue to grow, We are committed to dedicating our resources to insure that our production facilities are equipped with the most sophisticatedC environmentally friendly manufacturing equipment and processes availableD

Integrity for the future...

If you need more information on any Hamai products or want to discuss your own
requirements, please contact us atF

Hamai lndustries  Limited
5|22|13 Nishi|Gotanda Shinagawa|Ku, Tokyo Japan 141|8512
TelD 81-3|3492-6655
FaxF 81-3|3492-6660
E-mail: n-takahashi@hamai-net.com  person to contact : Nobuaki Takahashi

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