LPG Valves

The Hamai LPG cylinder valve is manufactured at our state of the art factory to meet all of our customers' requirements through constant improvement and a world class quality control system. Double o-rings and designed countermeasures are built into the LPG valves to avoid leakage through the spindle.

Examples of technical innovation include a unique joint design between the valve spindle and plug, saucer type spring system for accurate pressure relief device actuation and an inlet that is pre-coated with sealing material for easier insertion into a cylinder.

Ball Valves

The highly finished ball in a Hamai ball valve is held firmly in place by two seals surrounding the ball in the fluid flow direction. This "floating" design results in greater leak tightness from fluid pressure. The ball valve stem is assembled from inside the valve and guaranteed not to separate.
Most models of the Hamai ball valve are made from either brass or stainless steel with many different options depending on customer request. We can also offer bronze, aluminum or carbon steel in economical lot quantities.
In addition, to meet our customer's requirements we can also fulfill special needs such as different thread types, handle design, oil free design, RoHs or locking handles.

High Pressure Gas Cylinder Valves

We are constantly improving our efforts for the safe use of high pressure gas cylinder valves. Uses of these valves vary greatly depending on application, gas, environment and many other factors. The most suitable valve design - including the material and finish of each component - is suggested after a careful examination from many points of view. Our world class quality control system and newest equipment insures each valve will meet our customer's needs.
Let us show you our gas cylinder valves, panel valves, high polish semiconductor gas valves, actuator activated automatic shut off valves and many others to fill the most demanding requirements.



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