Advances in technology, pursuit of safety and "Management with the mind" are a tradition of Hamai

   Hamai Factory Limited struggled through the great depression of the Showa era

   and World War 2 soon after being established in 1927. Through the turmoil of the

  postwar days and periods of high growth soon after,Japan arrives at the Heisei era

  and Hamai continues to grow. Today, Hamai  Industries Limited manufactures

  valves for industrial high pressure gases, LPG, ball valves and most recently valves

  for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. From the early days of manufacturing welding

  machines to our current valves used for Industries constantly improves it's

  position as a valve manufacturer. Long years  after being established and through

   many difficulties and trials, we thank our customers for their support and it is

      because of them that we exist today.

      The influence of the high technology industry has changed our way of

      about the purpose of a compressed gas valve. It is not simply an "open/close"

      device anymore and can serve multiple functions. Based on the idea of safety, our

      products respond to the demands of the technical industrial world of today. We call

      our philosophy "Management with the  mind" while others may call it being a

      conscientious manufacturer. We prove our dedication to safety through our



     Hamai Industries Limited

     President and CEO

Satoshi Kasai


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